It might have been

Life. It happens to everyone in a million different way. And the most common one? Love.

Something so easy to spell and yet the heaviest and profound. It can soothe in minutes, and leave you recklessly broken in the other. All of us love someone at some point of our lives and we love them with all of our heart and soul and we dream about being together with them for all of our lives. I did to. But what if that love is the death of you one day?

With every happy moment together, a sad soul legit fears tomorrow. They might not say it. For your sake or their own. Whatever the reason maybe, know that they are always scared. Scared of being all that they were before you. Without you; a mess.

In love, you feel the happiest person alive. You cannot think of anything but them. And in the moments of their absence, even their names leave you content. You are always smiling like an idiot. They are everything and everywhere, from mornings to night and everything in between. But do you wanna know what happens when they go?

I will tell you.

You are in pain. So much that it is only while you are asleep that you can breath. And that too, if the nightmares spare you. And in those moments you are so fragile. You cry so much that at some point, there are no tears left to fall. You just want the pain to end. And that is when ending is the only option.

But then why do people fall in love? Why do they be yours or make you theirs if one day they have to go? When leaving you is the only option? Maybe because you were never good enough for them.

Goodbyes are hard. And the hardest ones are saying goodbye to someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with.



The year of immense growth and learning. 22 things that have helped me cope with the struggles of adolescence, people, and the world. 

22. Things don't always turned out as planned.

We like to plan. Goals. We all have them. Smaller to bigger ones. I am not saying that one should not have them. Do plan but don't have this condition of your plans working out always. The world and people in it work way beyond than our mental abilities can apprehend. Remember, you cannot control every factor influencing your life. 

21. Things that go wrong cannot always be fixed.

I know no one of us intends for things to go sideways. We all want happiness and peace. Maybe this is why we waste majority of our times into fixing things that cannot be fixed simply because we cannot accept failure. But hey, the cracks never go. Just a universal fact we need to make peace with. 

20. Replaying past won't help.

Your coping strategy must eliminate your past or anyone who reminds you of your mistakes, shortcomings, sins, and all your failures. How do you expect to live if you won't come out of this shell? The people who love you will surely never push you back into the dark holes of your past. 

19. Recreating yourself is easier than criticizing. 

Give directions to your mental abilities. Stabilize and utilize that mental energy of yours into doing something creative and worthwhile. I mean what is the point of criticizing anyone anyway? 

18. The struggling years will seem beautiful in the future. 

That is what I have witnessed, felt, wished and experiences. Down the memory lane I see how struggle has made me cautious, empathetic and wiser. I now see people for how they love, care and feel. 

17. You are both, sage and storm.

You are a perfect blend of the good and the bad. Your choices will determine as to what will empower your self. 

16. Mental health must never be ignored.

People anticipate physical pain with the amount of blood you shed or the level you rank your pain-scale on. But when you tell them your emotional struggles I know they say "This too shall pass." Aren't you one of them? Help people to heal. Understand their muted cries. Pick at least one person and help them see colors again.

15. Love people when it is the hardest to love them.

Everyone has a breaking point. Everyone has their limits. Don't abandon them by labeling them as "changed." Love them. Please. 

14. Everything happens for a reason. 

I was once told that we learn from three things. First comes our senses, then our mind and last is the Divine Guidance. With the help of our 5 senses we see how things are, with our mind we know how things work. It is said that when neither help you to understand how things are working or happening then know that is beyond a human mind to comprehend. That is where this comes, everything happens for a reason and not every reason is made to be understood; they are meant to be believed in. 

13. Love is everything around you. 

From your smiling reflection to the person you just hugged. From nature to nurture, love is everything you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel. 

12. Everyone is damaged.

Not everyone can express the battles of within. Where someone's pain maybe petty to you, you need to know that everyone is healing. Regardless of the level and rank, everyone is healing. If you can't help them then please don't make it any difficult for them.

11. Kindness can have a major impact. 

How can you be okay if you just emotionally destroyed someone? I don't care if it was unintentional or a deliberate inhuman manifestation. You did it. Stop right now and rectify it for ones. Be kind. Please, just be kind. 

10. Self care is essential. 

Even you should take a break. You need to step back and nourish and softness inside of you; the way you work on your outer beauty. And, it also means that you choose not to argue with people who are firmly committed themselves into misunderstanding you. 

9. Never stop learning. 

Even the wisest man has yet something to learn. 

8. Start feeling beautiful. 

You have a beautiful energy in yourself. We all have it; a superpower. Now I know being able to fly must seem super amazing, but ain't caring the same? Imagine giving a shoulder to lean on, and seeing that crying person's spirit being lifted. You may not be able to fly but you can make people fly. (Metaphorically)

7.  See people for who they are, not for who they must be. 

Nobody is perfect. And one of the major reasons for why we complain for people not being as-per-our-standards is because we start to wish them be extra loving, extra caring, extra selfless, extra pretty. It is ironic how we want people to accept us the way we are and complain on how they do not change.

6. You become what you surround yourself with.

Even psychology vouches for this one.

5. Respect.

From excuse me to thank you, knocking on doors to giving way and everything in between. Show respect. Your parents, teachers, siblings, spouses, family, children and even any random guy here deserves it. 

4. You aren't always right. 


3. Cleanse yourself.

Let go of hate. Let go of envy. Let go of jealousy. Stop comparing. Stop judging. Stop complaining. Grudges cause pain. Don't you get tired?

2. Never compromise on your family and friends.

They are your keepers. Your backbones. They love you without any condition, any payback or price. Don't lose them. Tell them right now, you love them and you are grateful to have them in your life.  

1. You got to be tough if you are going to be stupid.

There is nothing that can be truer than this.