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Hi, Here I am...!!!

Irza Ahsan

Irza Ali

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries.

About Me

I had only known the part of me on the surface, the bit I had carefully chosen for me to see. Underneath there is a whole vast area of my life that I had kept hidden. I am nothing but a by-product of nature unless you get to relish the tough cookie within me. The one who can trigger the emotions you have kept hidden, lurking within you, with merely playing with a few words. The world is twisted in undefined knots and me, an illegitimate person can only pen my emotions to survive.

I have power over you with my words. Words have their power over me. With a little color here and little color there I can paint a beautiful picture of words that the literature itself endorses it. After all, I am only an ergonomically free spirit with a wild heart.

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