Its Living That Scares Me To Death

The thought of survival in such a victimized planet sounds insane lately.

I call it insane not because we are continuously under the threat of death. Who knows, maybe a natural cause would make me leave you guys today, or maybe a gunshot is likely in this era of terror? But does it scare me? Is this enough to make me run away from dying? Nah.

Dying is easy. Its living. It is living that scares me to death.

Being barely off age, this harum-scarum world has left me ponder hard on the fact that how much every one of us is longing to die. To end this unpredictable torture in the name of living. Such a place where we are enemies of ourselves, where we ourselves are choking us to death, how can living benefit us here? We have stopped living you know. We have stopped striving to become better for ourselves. We have got ourselves so preoccupied in struggling hard not to satisfy our souls, but in fact show our rivals how very sane we are. Where in fact we are nothing but fools. Fools in the name of humans. We built dreams on sands, and when the water waves wash it away, we lose that little bit of sanity too and start the blame game. We have to stop being so harsh on ourselves. Because this makes me furthermore fear my life. I feel as if I have lost every battle with life. Where in fact, I am losing my brains. But who to blame? Myself? Or what the society teaches me?

I guess, someone should have warned us right at the start of our lives that we are dying, then we might actually live life to the limit of everyday.

This is when this thought triggers, that we should have fulfilled certain dreams long ago, there are only so many tomorrows you know. But again, living... Ahh seems tiring than soldier's workout. The same monotonous old routines each day. But trust me, and I know you would because you just can't help it but agree with me that when you are successful, things have a momentum, and at a certain point you really can't tell whether you have created that momentum or its creating you.

Relate this with the kind of live you are living today? Is that you? Ain't you scared of what is happening around you? Well I am I am scared of this and its life itself. This is sad, how badly we are feared. And then comes this, that concluded all my thoughts in a verse When I die, will they remember me Not what I did, but what I haven't done?

It's not the end that I fear with each breath It's life that scares me to death.