Autumn Breeze

The soft breeze was swinging her hair. The beautiful eyes stared right into mine. How could someone be so breathtaking? Her lips had this delicate shape of a half crescent moon. The redness of her cheek gave me sweet chills. The slight shiver of her body made my heart go feeble. I was surely falling for her. I was walking into a mythical world of my own. A world where she belonged to me. In this fragment of moment everything was perfect. Just me and her and the light autumn breeze.

In a heartbeat, I felt her come closer to me. Resting her head on my shoulder. For a moment my heart went quiet and then the lub-dub was shooting up high. I was mesmerized by the warmth that cascaded down my body. Even the light chirping of the sparrow sound soothing. I carefully rested my hand on her back as if even a delicate touch could break her. The mute conversation we had in this moment was priceless. I had found my happy place, and this time I really was a goner.