A Forgotten Liability

“Assalam-o-Alaikum! Pakistan Broadcasting Service. Hum Lahore se bol rahe hain. Teraan aur chaudaa August sunn saintalees ki darmiani raat, bara baje hain, tuloo-e-subhe Azadi!”

Mustafa Hamdani announced the foundation of our very own Pakistan being laid back on August'14th 1947, 27th of Ramadan.

Pakistan, our motherland was the dream of many of our prominent national heroes. A dreamland of solace and happiness. To relive that memory Independence Day is celebrated annually.

My dear friends, Independence Day is just and alibi for us, it reminds us in so many ways about the sweat and blood that was shed for us to breath in without the sword of death hanging up on our heads. I ask you. How do you celebrate Independence Day? Removing silencer off your motorbikes? Waving a flag on roof tops? Sorry for the axiomatic statement, but we as a nation have lost Pakistan.

The patriotism has pacified my friends. Do you remember Muhammad Ali Jinnah? Quaid-e-Azam? The real founder of Pakistan? Or Allama Iqbal? Who excited Muslims to earn their own nationality and name in the world? Or even Sir Syed Ahmad Khan? Who brought Muslim nation forward and made schools and colleges for Muslims so that they may come to know how to fulfill the latest demands of the advance age. Tell me do you the actual reason of why green and white was chosen for our flag? White was supposed to be for peace and green was meant to be for prosperity and even good fortune. Unfortunately, even after so many stoic episodes, momentarily, independence has been nurtured up to no avail.

I ask you to standup. And you too. Standup for the martyrs. Please stand up. Can you see what our nation is going through? Its bleeding. Our children are being abducted. Our children are being killed. We are not taking good care of their dream. This Pakistan is not the picture they painted. The Pakistan they wanted was all about unity, and peace.

My dear friends, it beats me to confess that with every Independence Day our country is melting away. Its high time to get up and get our priorities straight. Its time to serve our mother land. Pay it back the debt we owe to it.