Growing and glowing.

Life is beautiful. Life is empowering. Life is so much peaceful. Life is so worth it. Life is you. 
Life is always teaching me, so here it is- 23 years, 23 new lessons you taught me. 

23. Your past is important, but not important that right now. 

Your mistakes don't necessarily have to define you. No one is saint. No one is perfect as per standards. Everyone is just human. And it's your choice whether you want the past to be you, or you want to create a new you. But, as much as it is your choice, it lies on your partner too. Be it a friend, a soulmate, your love, if they won't let it go.. You just can't. 

22. Patience can at times be your biggest strength. 

If there is one thing I could never imagine doing was being patient. It was my biggest vices of all. Yet, now.. I can wait. I can wait for hours. I can wait to hear back when someone needs space. I can wait for them to reach home safe, even if it is in the middle of the night. I can wait for anything now. And this really has grown as my biggest strengths, for now I can always wait for good things to happen. 

21. Talk. Always talk. 

I was barely vocal with stuff. I would let worries and assumptions and vague statements to consume the peace of heart rather than simply ask. But now, I know that we should always talk. Talk about everything. It might be hard for the first time, but ones you do it, you will know the perk. Talking might not always solve the problem but it will never leave you hanging in there. And this peace if worth everything.

20. Tip: Too much maturity can be draining.

Do not burden yourself with so much maturity that the child inside you dies out. Have fun. Have fun in everything and see how everything will be a top notch perfect.

19. Inspiration can lead you into doing anything

I think deep down we all believe that we can do whatever we want. It is the monopoly of our hearts. We think that only if we are led to believe that we have it within us, we can achieve all that we want. And nothing can be truer than this. All it takes is that spark of inspiration you see in their eyes when they tell you that you can do it. Not only does it gives you the undeniable power of transforming the world, you actually end up seeing yourself differently. 

18. Real happiness lies in making others happy. 

Nothing competes with the satisfaction of hearing your loved ones laugh. Oh the sound! Without thinking, without any ulterior motives you end up grinning ear to ear. And that is the best of happiness. It does not have to lie in you, it is sometimes in the most selfless things you do for others. 

17. Be with the ones who always bring you up.

I think everyone has it in them. Everyone can do wonders because we are all THE ONES. It is like I came to realization that numerous times we are brought down by people who are close to us. So now I know that whatever you love to do, no matter what the scale of it don't let go just because someone told you it is useless. Instead find the ones who are supportive of you. They won't do it too, they don't even have to understand it sometimes, but they will always be loving and respectfully support you. They will bring you up as high as they can and never will they try to push you down.

16. Always give wholeheartedly. 

Everything given from the heart is priceless. From time to efforts, to gifts to smiles. Do not think to get reciprocated or even appreciated for what you do. Because you might give one thing and they might give another, and both of them is just as priceless. Just as necessary, just as complete.

15. Saying "no" at the right time is mandatory. 

I never truly learned this. I am still struggling but I am still trying. I am definitely not done with this. Thank you for teaching me that no one should be pleased at the expense of my emotional wellbeing. After all, a no at the right time can be a good thing.

14. Change is inevitable in life. 

Some of us are scared of how things might be in the future. I guess we all are. For me, slightest of changes can be an offset. But now, with every minute transitions I know that you cannot stop it. Change is inevitable in life. From our routine to our roles, everything will change. I guess can always adapt for it as long as everything changes except for your feelings.

13. Everyone loves differently.

There is no scale, no standard, absolutely no way to quantify love. Everyone has their own way, and I would rather have you love me with who you are than to pressurize you into something that might end up into flipping the axis. It is just about recognizing.

12. Choose your friends wisely.

Look for who has ever said: “I am here for you.” and proved it. That’s it. See, quality, not quantity. Even if you’re left with one friend who would stand up for you and help you at the end of the day, that is more than enough.

11. Never second guess after you tell them you trust them. 

This year is all about believing in people. So why mess it up by second guessing things? If someone tells you how things are let them be. Why sit and think of all theories of opposing? Ever since I eliminated this toxic trait and learned to say okay on things, everything is smoother. Better. Happier.

10. Focus on strengths. 

One of the major downsides of time it that as you get to know someone more, you actually start focusing more on their weaknesses than the strengths that attracted you in the first place. Look around. How many people are bringing each other up, focusing on one another's strengths? How many people are picking up on the negative qualities and focusing on those instead? I believe that the ones who are shrouded with positivity will always remember that negativity is bad news. You just need to always remember the first smiles you ever shared and all will be okay in your heart. Just like that.

9. Complain less, appreciate more. 

Complaining with get you nowhere. It will just deepen the pit. So breathe in, breathe out. Close your eyes. Smile and understand that they are with you. Even if they don't say it out loud, even if they don't always ask everything.. they know it into their hearts that you are with them. So you might as well start appreciating the fact that you belong together. Start recognizing that now you have almost all that you once wished for.

8. If something consumes a lot of energy, let it go. 

Focus on solutions instead of problems, if something consumes lot of energy and has no possible solution just let it go. Give in to the situation and see how things will truly fall into place as long as you believe in the best.

7. Anything hidden is wrong. 

Be honest. Be 100% honest and straightforward. Do not lie. Treat people as a reflection of your own and that means keeping the other one informed. This is the one thing that will hold it all together. You may have nothing, but if you’re honest with one another then you are rich in love.

6. The purest of efforts are effortless. 

Precisely, just be you, let them just be them. Know that love can make you do crazy, wild, unthinkable things, but it also has the power to make you into one of the kindest, most generous people in the world. It all depends upon how you do things, not how much.

5. There can be versions of you. 

Ever thought how different you are with different people? How one will describe you as heartless while for the other one there might not be someone as kind as you. Why is this so? I think there are certain versions of us that even we ourselves are oblivious of. Unless it surfaces on top. Now you be one for the other, but with the right ones you will always be the best versions of yourself. And that person will even surprise you! The things you’d do with them, for them will leave you thinking that you never knew you had it in you. You will become the best version of yourself. For them. With them. Because of them. Think not about what the other person is or does, but how that person makes you feel and act. And it can be just by being who they are. Just themselves.

4. Happiness can be found anywhere. 

World is a very large place. It has many reasons to be sad. But very few reasons to be happy. So focus on the few. And they will be enough for you to know that you don’t really have to switch on the light to find happiness in the darkness, you just have to open your heart to them.

3. Nothing can compete with the satisfaction of knowing that someone believes in you 100%. 

I am a big believer myself. I have always believed in the honesty of hearts. And this is why, nothing, literally nothing can compete with this. Having someone who believes in you 100%. Either be that person, or be with that person. But just don’t let yourself be empty of this trait. This satisfaction. Honestly, it is the biggest of blessings. Get poured with this lasting belief in yourself that will move you from thinking that I should believe in myself to knowing I should believe in myself.

2. With true love also comes respect, trust, honesty, and forgiveness.

You already love them. But as much as you love them, this alone won't stand. You need to know that they are not perfect and they need to be forgiven. You need to understand that being honest will only bring you closer. You need to endorse it that respecting is not age limited. Above all, please know if there is anything they demand from you is for you to trust them. These are just a handful of elements that intricate a forever bond. There will be the emptiness of time, the problems of distance, and the competition of this world! And just loving someone is not entirely enough. You have to love them with all your heart and soul. Always and forever. 

1. Reality can be sometimes more beautiful than dreams. 

Set things right. Forgive people. Move on. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Jump. Dance. Sing. Spread happiness. Love yourself. Love others. Rest. Be responsible. Pay back what you owe to others. Follow your heart. Read. Kiss. Travel. Eat. Relax. Breath. Just live in the moments.

What we have might as well trump what we want. We just need to see it before it is too late. Life can be at times a dream with open eyes, and this might be our very own wonderland.