She uncoupled herself from her imagination and dragged herself wearily back into the real world. Her hard work did not collapse this time. She was happy. She had finally uncovered the vast hidden area within herself. She no longer was a shame for herself. She had reborn. For a second, they both stood motionless, each reading the dawning realization in the other's eyes. That is when he curled his fingers around her. The new her was ready to face the world. The rumors that once defined her were nothing but a nightmare. And it was over. The change had worked. And she was ready to conquer the world with him.

The girl who once hated the associations she had was no longer a maniac. Before meeting him, she was nothing but absolute peevish. The obnoxious mistakes were once her identity. Not until he talked wisdom into her. Its true, once in a lifetime we come across a person who is no less than a miracle. A person who helps you. Modifies you. Makes you. That person is the only one you look forward to when anxiety bothers you or when you are tearful because of the scenario you built up at 3'am in the morning because over thinking could not let you sleep. With your angel at your side even moving mountains is a piece of cake. Even people you had tremendous contempt for seem picturesque. Solace finds home in you. They make you understand that even in the bitterest moment your spark can help you overcome the intangible problems of life. Everything is bearable if you have them. She too found her angel. Life had happened to her. Good life had happened to her.