Friend or Foe?

We spend our lives protecting and shielding our loved ones from the harm of others and the outer world. We think about all the possible things, people, places, and even tasks that may damage them. Watching them hurt is what makes our heart ache. A random thought of losing of them swipes the ground beneath our feet. All we can think is about the love that comes pouring and the care that cannot be shunned. But we always forget the obvious; sometimes we are our greatest enemy.

No matter what relationship you may be in, be it your brother, your sister, a friend, your best friend, your lover, your parents, your children, your wife, your husband- anyone you cherish. You have to know and accept this that not every thing you think you are doing to protect them is really protecting them.  

If you are lying to them for the better, know that the truth might not hurt them as much as lying would. They may forgive and forget the lie itself, but you? It is going to be hard for them to forgive this one.

If you are keeping secrets from them, know that the secret may come off as a big shock but your hiding will be bigger. They may tackle the secret itself, but how will they let go the thought of you keeping secrets from them?

If you are cheating on them, imagine the heartbreak they will feel when the truth comes out. They may forgive you, but they won’t ever forget how that made them feel. So, stop, stop if you are into the process of shattering this beautiful person into pieces.

If you are lying to them, know that regardless of your intention, a lie is a lie. It might help things for the time being but eventually it will destroy all. No bond is worth a lie.

If you are not sharing your feelings with them, know that there is nothing more beautiful than listening to what a person really feels about you. Tell them, whatever it is, they have signed up for this.

If you are not letting them chase their dreams because you fear they are not ready, know that you are very wrong. Imagine the happiness they will feel ones they have accomplished the life they awaited all this time?

Nothing is more powerful than truth, love and understanding. How can you expect the outer world to be compassionate when you yourself are being cruel? How can you expect them to understand while you have been lurking behind illusions of safety?
If you really want someone to be safe, happy and protected then start protecting them with truth, honesty and freedom. Be your greatest friend.